Employee Utilization Report

I’m wondering if there is a report available that will calculate a technician utilization report? ( Labour Hours Billed/TimeClock = Employee Utilization )

Currently, we’re doing this in-house making use of the API, and it’s working for the most part. However, it’s becoming difficult to maintain and was wondering if there is something already available or if you would be willing to add it so everybody can benefit?

The way we currently have it working is as follows:

We make use of the time clock, so we know how many hours each tech has worked.
The clock-in/out events are logged in our database.
When an invoice is created, it’s submitted to our server via a webhook and logged into our database.

Then, on our side, we take the number of labour hours on each invoice that is attributed to the tech and the number of hours they’ve worked.
We then divide the hours billed by the hours worked to get a utilization rate.

For example, if somebody invoiced 4 hours and worked 8, that would be a 50% utilization rate.
If they worked 8 hours and billed 12, that would be a 150% utilization rate.

We use this utilization rate to help us with scheduling and tech performance. We are able to print a weekly report with each tech’s paystub giving them an idea of their performance. We know if the rate is too low, we either need to help them achieve more billing or reduce their hours. If the number is constantly higher than expected, we need to rebalance work or hire somebody new.

Being a small shop, this information is vital to our success. Burning money on people who aren’t performing well is a sure way to go out of business.

One issue we have is that our MSP client’s invoices are only generated once a month. Having a hard score and a soft score would fix this. The hard score decays over the following weeks until all of the invoices are generated. Having a soft score would show that the tech is on the right track, but it’s not yet solidified

A tech’s “hard core” is all labour that is on an invoice, either paid or not.
A tech’s “soft score” would be the invoiced labour plus any pending charges that aren’t yet invoiced.

Since we do payroll once a week, knowing where the tech is over the entire month is very helpful. It allows us to make small changes quickly and often.
Our setup shows daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly performance for everybody which really comes in handy when it comes to offering raises.


Agreed. The report metrics on technician’s doesn’t really help me at all. We need to know if they techs are pulling their weight or not.
I would like to see a report on how much my tech costs me vs how much they billed every week/month/quarter/year.
Put in what their hourly cost to me is and calculate that against the number of hours they worked as well as what they billed. All my techs are salary, so I care more about time entered than time billed. But I know not everyone works that way.

Employee Utilization is a key metric in billable hour organizations.

I feel this is a greatly under-appreciated metric by the Syncro team. It really could provide value if integrated into the admin dashboard or the on an individual basis on the time clock check-in. None of the reports really capture it and it’s vital as you say in billable hour organizations.

I’ve just automated this process through api + power BI.
We have fixed hours per week though, so no real variation there. It wouldn’t be a lot of effort to add your time log though. I use the timer entries to assess load of each employee and overall company performance.

It shows how much they are contributing for their wages and other fix costs and what profit they leave in the company. It also shows me for new employees how they are tracking month by month. Based on these reports I upped an employees hours 2 weeks before he was fully utilized - pretty handy.

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Have you found you are able to access the data you need from the API? Do you have an example of the setup you used?

I think one place we found more need in the api was labour items that were part of bundled products. Couldn’t pull those into our calcs. But timeclock entries, and invoices by tech attributes, we were able to pull and process those pieces.

Most of it, I could load via API.
For the employee report I load timer entries, users and products.

Timer entries are tied to a specific labour product, this also tells me the net value vs labour cost.

We don’t use timelogs, and our workhours are more or less static week to week. I will implement an API call from our payroll provider though, to have it more versatile and accurate.

Currently we are pulling json through PowerShell locally. I can share that script if anyone is interested.

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