Syncro and Kaseya on same system

Is there a known issue with Syncro a conflicting with Kaseya when installed on the same system?

I have a client who’s business software support has Kaseya installed. When I install Syncro on the system, it slows things down. At the moment, I can’t tell if it’s Syncro and Kaseya or something else.

I’ve never seen 2 RMMs conflict with each other. Only thing I could think of is if both are trying to install or have installed their own AVs as part of a policy or something.

That’s my sentiment too. I am perplexed.

It’s definitely not trying to install AV on my end. I have EVERYTHING turned off on the syncro side of things.

They do share similar resource such as using WMI and what not. It could be similar to when two AVs are on the same system fighting resources, however, that’s just a guess. I’ve had CWA and Syncro on the same system but not Kaseya. They do have one similarity, Kaseya Live Connect is similar to Background Tools. Probably nothing, but thought I’d mention it.

Thanks, Jimmie! Concluded it wasn’t the issue. Although still trying to figure the issue out. Can group policy slow logging in? Long login times for Windows domain computers

Enable Highly Detailed Status Messages via local security policy on the impacted endpoint. Then you can see at which stage(s) the startup is getting held up. This has helped me save much time and headaches in the past.

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