Script to Detect Other RMM Tools

I once thought I saw on here a script that can detect if other common RMM tools, such as Kaseya, SolarWinds, Connectwise, etc are installed. Does anyone remember this or have a copy? Thanks.

I made this. Monitor - Potentially Unwanted Applications - I don’t have access to all the rmm platforms to know if they use their names in the agent install name though, so no guarantees on detection. If you know of something that’s not detected let me know so I can improve it.

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CWA is a little tricky to detect. I look for the folder and set a custom asset field checkbox. Same can be used for Kaseya’s kworking folder, which is usually c:\kworking.

Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
$dir = "C:\Windows\LTSVC"
if(!(Test-Path -Path $dir )){
    Set-Asset-Field -Name "CWA" -Value False
    Set-Asset-Field -Name "CWA" -Value True
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Yea it seemed like from my research Labtech doesn’t list an uninstall entry at all. The script really should look for services and paths too. Another script that needs a revamp, whee

Nope, I saved my LT uninstaller from my portal before we turned it off, then scripted that.