Datto RMM uninstall script?


Does anyone know where can I find the uninstaller for Datto RMM? There is a script in the community library that monitors for RMM agents we know of. We already have the script to uninstall CW Automate but actively looking to uninstall any RMM agents that we come across.

Removing the Datto agent is nothing more than running it’s uninstaller.

“%programfiles%\CentraStage\uninst.exe” /s
“%programfiles(x86)%\CentraStage\uninst.exe” /s

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Hello! Does anyone have a script to remove ninja rmm? Thanks!

taskkill /im NinjaRMMAgent.exe /F
taskkill /im NinjaRMMAgentPatcher.exe /F

if ([Environment]::Is64BitOperatingSystem) {
    $NinjaRegKey = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\NinjaRMM LLC\NinjaRMMAgent'
} else {
    $NinjaRegKey = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\NinjaRMM LLC\NinjaRMMAgent'

$NinjaInstallLocation = Get-ItemPropertyValue -Path $NinjaRegKey -Name 'Location'

$NinjaRMMAgentEXE = Join-Path $NinjaInstallLocation 'NinjaRMMAgent.exe'

Start-Process -FilePath $NinjaRMMAgentEXE -ArgumentList '/Uninstall'

Here is the “official” NinjaRMM removal script from about a year ago.