McAfee Removal Tool Fully Silent? - MCPR.exe

Does anyone have a script to run this silently by chance please? I’m useless with scripts and I can’t seem to find a way to get around the limitations of the below article.

It says you have to start the application and “hold it open”, but this seems only possible with Intune so a full silent Syncro script uninstall would be great as tons of our new PC purchases have this software on it which stops Bitdefender completely.

Thank you in advance for your help!


If you have 7zip installed you can just extract the tool. If I have time, I will build out a script.

7z e mcpr.exe mccleanup.exe -r

Actually just extract the mccleanup.exe tool and upload it to Syncro and just run the script in the link above.

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Thanks Jeff, my scripting guru is on Long Service Leave, I’m struggling without him, so glad we have a great community here to help out!

Warm regards, Mike

I made some good progress on a McAfee uninstall script. I will share after a bit more testing.

Syncro question here, why does:

Get-apppackage -Name "*mcafee*" | Remove-AppPackage
Get-apppackage -AllUsers -Name "*mcafee*" | Remove-AppPackage

Work from a Powershell Admin prompt, but not from a script?

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We are about 95% functional here on McAfee Personal v2.13 that was bundled on an Alienware Win 10 Pro box I had sitting here. It appears to remove everything including 2 of the entries in the installed Apps. The remnant in the Apps section that is still there goes away with the Remove-AppPackage from the command line. I am still working on why the script doesn’t get it. But the rest of the code is working and McAfee does not seem to be registered as an active AV in Windows or Syncro.

I still need to test out the Choco side of installing 7-Zip. On a new machine where Syncro has not done any Third Party Patch Managment there is just no Kabuto package manager aka Choco installed yet. I foresee that will become a bigger routine that I will also include with the manual choco script that was talked about in another thread recently.

So still a work in progress but functional enough if needed today.