Set alert when a specific asset goes online


Is there a way to set an alert when a specific assetes goes online?

I have one client employe that got her laptop stolen and we would like to know if ever it goes online.


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Hey Oliver,

So yes and no. Technically, there is not a native way to do this. However, there is functionally a way to do this. When you run a script against an offline asset (and do not check the “skip offline assets” checkbox), scripts get queued for offline assets. When the asset comes back online, the script will usually run within 10 minutes or so of it coming back online.

If you look below the script editor there are a lot of one-liner “magic” PowerShell commands. One thing you can have it do is just send you an email. Another would be to throw a custom RMM Alert and then have Automated Remediation pick that up and then do whatever you want, including SMSing people, etc.

That should work fine in the instance of stolen hardware coming back online.

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