Services Monitoring

Hi All,

Im looking to make some template's for service monitoring. For example a baseline template for all Windows 10 or 11 workstations or Server 2016, 2019 or Exchange 2016, 2019. I Installed all those Oses and exported the services to a csv file. I than made a template for example for server 2019. But what I see is that some auto starting services are stopped if you install a specific role on that server. So I was wondering how you guys define your service monitoring templates. And if you have any tips or tricks.


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Here’s a bit of good news if you’re coming from an RMM an expecting Syncro to behave the same way. The service monitor does not care if a service exist or not. So you can apply Exchange service monitors to your workstations and it does nothing. Other RMMs will alert you every minute that the service doesn’t exist. So while this may be a downside for some, you can simplify your monitors and policies by not worrying if a service exist or not.

If a service is set to auto and is stopped, are you able to start it again without issue? If so, that’s all Syncro will do too. If it’s changed to Disabled, then it doesn’t care unless you check the box to care.