Serialized Item on Estimate


Our purchasing agent tried to put a serialized item on an estimate, and then create a ticket from that estimate. He had already made the PO for the serialized item, but when he turned the estimate into a ticket, it chose to make a part order for the serialized item. He had received the PO and the serial number is stored with that PO, but when I try to invoice the ticket made from the estimate, the serialized item’s serial number can’t be selected. It tells me that there are no serial numbers available for that item. Instead, it shows “pending” as if it’s a part order, and there is a link to something called “productserials/…” that takes me nowhere. All it does is bring up “serial number history” but the serial number is not listed on that dialog box that pops up. Additionally, when I click on the “pending” link in the list of charges on the ticket, I’m taken to the Pending Orders, but there is no “Fulfill” next to the checkbox on the item in the part order list.

This is frustrating.

We would like to use the estimate portion of Syncro to replace our old quote system, but if we can’t put computers (which are serialized) on the estimate, then the estimate portion is not helpful because most of what we quote and sell are computers or other serialized equipment.

I have gone back through all of the help files concerning parts, products, and estimates, and I’m not seeing anything that will help us with this issue. Please tell me if I’ve missed something.


Hi Michelle, I have attempted to reproduce this with the same steps but it did display the serial as an option in the ticket and the invoice when clicking ‘Select Serial’ - I think we’re going to need to dig into this a bit deeper. I’m going to get a ticket created for you which will be coming to your email shortly.