Hiding Links Inside Estimates

Maybe I’m doing it wrong but normally when I’m making an estimate I go to different vendors and find who has stock and the best price and add that in. Sometimes an estimate might become a week or more old and I can’t remember where I found the product I priced on there easily. I’ve resorted to making matching estimate numbers in OneNote to hold this information. I was pretty sure when I used to make quotes in ConnectWise Manage there was an option to have a URL in there to the product you quoted that was only visiible internally. Is this something that exists in syncro, or is there a better way for me to handle this?

If you have just an estimate (no ticket linked), on the estimate select edit and type in any notes, you wish in the “Tech Notes (only if no ticket)” area.

We create a ticket for everything. we link all estimates and invoices to a ticket. In this manner you can note everything in the ticket

Thanks @dltn, I had no idea this was there.

@miles I create tickets too but I never noticed that button up top. Is there a way to link an existing ticket?

Same estimate/invoice edit button → related ticket dropdown on the very bottom left.