Selling Residential MSP services on website

We came over from Repairshopr+Kabuto since Kabuto was being retired. We have a residential MSP side where we sell monthly services. We had looked at offering this online on our website so that a customer could buy it, but never worked out all the kinks. I asked Syncro support if this was possible in Syncro and was told basically no, which seems like a big miss.

Has anyone been able to successfully put the ability for a new customer to buy a sku online (embedded on our webpage) on a monthly or annual recurring basis and then get an email with the agent download?

You’d have to put a bit more work into searching posts here than I can right now, but someone did post about getting it all tied in from their web store through to Syncro. As I recall there was a good bit of shoestring, duct tape and bubblegum holding it all together. You can do much of what you need from the API, but policy folder build out and assignment cannot be managed by the API, so I think they were using some sort of graphical web UI RPA / automation platform to actually handle the settings that had to be done manually.

I’ve been thinking about that again recently as there are some things you just can’t do from the api and wondering what the platform the other user was using. If I do find that post, I’ll post back here.

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