Licensing for MSP staff

I am looking to grow. I’m a one-man shop and I hope I will be onboarding 30 new systems next week. That will put me with nearly 200 end points AND a business to run, with too little automation and an incomplete setup of Syncro PSA (just too little time to dig in deep to learn and implement).

Because of my needs and an opportunity to partner with local education organizations, I am looking to bring on two or three part-time interns. Will I need a full-time user license for each intern? Or can Syncro be configured where only 2 of the three can be logged in at any time?

You’d need a full license for each.

Ouch. That makes bringing on first staff a bit more expensive. Especially for part timers.

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Yea, we’d love to see an admin staff level license at a lower price point too.

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an alternative way to grow the business is to increase your prices by 10% and then get rid of your worst 10% of clients.

as a guy in similar position to you, It would require me to have 2 people hired on to grow.

1 to help me, 1 to do all the admin stuff for payroll and books.

right now, I am similar to you with 190 windows devices and many other non syncro units.

That is exactly what I am looking at. a couple of L1 interns and an office admin person. $139 each * 3 people is $417/month. for 3 part-time people.

I’m going to have to re-evaluate this situation. And my toolset.