Syncro for non-MSPs

I am just getting started setting this up, and I don’t want to paint myself into a corner by making premature decisions.

I am not an MSP but provide internal IT support to ca 40 users at this time (but growing…).

It may very well be that I will develop policies that apply to some users and not others, possibly depending on department.

Does it make sense to set up individual departments as separate “customers”? I am worried that I will then not get a complete overview of all devices in the company but have to click into each individual “customer”.

Can I just handle things within one “customer” that encompasses the whole company and then later develop policies that apply to subgroups?

Does anyone have experience working with Syncro as an internal IT department?


No experience with internal IT use, but yes you could use policy folders to separate the departments and apply different policies to them (and more general policies above them). One of the most important considerations in your decision is reporting, which is often company specific, which could be a plus or minus depending on what you actually need (if all are in one company what if you want a report of one dept only? etc), so definitely play around them and think through what you want out of the platform before pulling the trigger. Also if billing needs to be per departments then you’d want each one as a separate company.

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