My MSP Book Is Now Free For Syncro Users For A Limited Time

Hey everyone,

So as many of you are aware, I had written a book a year or so ago specifically designed for smaller MSPs looking to grow their business. This is based on my own personal experience in the space both as a former MSP, and from my consultancy which also operated in the space.

I am making the Kindle version of my book, So You Want To Be An MSP, free for the next 5 days for anyone interested in grabbing it. It will be available between February 1st through February 5th (that’s as long as Amazon lets me do a free promotion per quarter). For anyone that doesn’t have a Kindle reader, you can alternatively grab a PDF version of the book through Syncro directly.

I believe in full disclosure when it comes to these types of things, because personally I can’t stand people writing books or “thought leadership” pieces in any space that never truly saw success there. So for full transparency, I started my MSP from scratch and grew it to 12 people, $4.5 million in revenue ($2.5 million in labor revenue, $1.25 million in hardware revenue, and $750,000 in add-on revenue), over a 6-year period. I sold my MSP several years ago for $5.2 million.

This book was not written to promote Syncro. In fact, Syncro isn’t mentioned in the book at all. It’s a candid look at the space, your place within it, and how shifting from a tech-driven mindset to a sales-driven mindset is what truly separates the fastest growing players in the space from, well, everyone else.

I’m more than happy to dedicate my own personal time to answer any questions anyone has via email (, via PM, or publicly if you wanted to start a discussion on any topics you read in the book that you’d like to know more about. My time is finite, so I can’t promise quick response times, but I can promise I will personally respond to each and every person that reaches out.

Fair warning, this is pure unadulterated me. I call things like I see them, I swear a lot, and I unapologetically focus on the art of making money. I truly hope this helps folks in reaching some lofty new heights.


Andy, the Syncro link doesn’t work.



That’s weird, it works for me…

Is it a dead link for you?

Yes, took me to your nice 404 page.

I’ll try again in a bit.


You have to put your email address in.
That took me to another page with a new link, which once clicked allowed me to download the ebook.

Ok cool glad that worked for you.

I tried the link again yesterday and this time it worked.

Thanks, Andy.

Ok great. No problem!