Ask Us Anything Webinar Is Happening Today!

Hey everyone - Our new replacement program for Open Office Hours, Ask Us Anything, is happening today at 11am PST. You can click the registration link below to attend.

This will function a bit differently than how it worked before. You are free to ask us anything you want including product questions (which we’ll demonstrate live just like we did before), questions on Syncro as a business, questions about the business of being an MSP, and anything in between. You can literally ask us anything you like about, well, anything you like 🙂. We’ll also be bringing on some guests to join us from time time.

These will not be occurring on a static cadence like before. We will be aiming to do these every few weeks, and we’ll be putting up the registration for the next event as the current one closes. We’ll be recording these and putting them onto our YouTube channel for anyone that isn’t able to attend.

These are completely contingent on your participation, so I am expecting everyone to come out in full force for to start things off with a bang!