User Licence Type for Accountant/Bookkeeper

Is there a plan to include a user licence type for accountants/bookkeepers, They only need access once every couple of months to a very limited number of functions (primarily Reports).

Maybe add it as a bonus to teams plan?

As things are now, most people would end up paying more for an additional user licence then they are already paying for an outsourced accounting firm.


Syncro has said before they won’t be doing anything like this.
If they just need reports you can schedule them to be automatically emailed.

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Thanks for the reply, that’s disappointing.
Did they give their reasoning? If you have a link to the thread would be great, my search has failed to yield anything.

I don’t recall a recent thread here, there’s a lot more activity on Facebook. Here’s one:

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While we’d never rule out anything in the future, I will say Syncro is already so affordable that it really doesn’t make sense to discount user licenses further. If we were priced per endpoint, didn’t include unlimited endpoints, or didn’t include a PSA, that might be a different story. But if you compare your RMM/PSA costs to any other vendor, you’re always coming out significantly further ahead on Syncro vs a per-endpoint priced alternative. And that’s after you’ve included your billing admins and accounting folks, etc.

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for clearing up Syncro’s current stance on this.

It’s evident that Syncro’s pricing and licensing structure gives it a competitive edge over most others in the market.

For us, the decision isn’t solely about cost but rather the practicality of investing in an additional full license for minimal usage, primarily accessing invoices and reports about 6 hours a year. Opting for alternatives like scheduling reports seems more sensible for now. However, if our accounting firm requires more access in the future, we may reconsider.

Moreover, there’s potential to serve a segment of your client base seeking additional limited access licenses at a lower cost. Offering restricted functionality licenses could create additional revenue streams for Syncro, where there currently are none. I know that in our case we would certainly opt for a limited license at half the cost, for example.

I’m not looking to start an argument or change your mind; I simply wanted to share my perspective. I’m sure Syncro has thoroughly researched this internally, and it seems the current demand doesn’t justify the overhead costs.

Thanks once more for providing clarity on the matter.

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@isaacg Thanks for that, much appreciated.

I totally understand where you are coming from, and this does come up from time to time. In your instance, I am just curious why your accounting firm isn’t just going into your accounting package exclusively. Normally there isn’t a need for them to to be in a PSA at all, because it’s not really designed for accounting/tax preparation purposes.

Ok this might be long :slight_smile:

We currently use Invoice Ninja for invoicing, payment tracking, expenses, po’s etc. and have no requirement for a fully fledged accounting software as our accounting firm is responsible for that.

They export required info from Invoice Ninja and import it into their own accounting software, Sage Accounts Production, which then allows them to prepare and submit accounts, tax returns etc. in a very specific format.

This is the case with most small to medium businesses in Ireland that outsource preparation of accounts, taxes etc before they are submitted to governmental bodies. The benefit is that almost any POS or Invoicing system can be usedby the business, the downside is that it needs to then be entered into a specific software by the accounting firm, either manually or as a .csv import etc. That software is usually not designed for day to day operations and is mainly for preparation of accounts/tax returns by a qualified accountant.

We are planning to switch to Syncro from Invoice Ninja for the day to day financial stuff, and from what I’ve seen, Syncro is capable of the day to day functionality we require.

The idea behind giving the accounting firm partial access to Syncro is to give them autonomy and allow to run whatever financial reports they require, look up whatever financial info, transaction info or payment info and relevant notes etc. they need without having to only rely on rigid scheduled reports and having to contact us as quite often they need clarification on something etc.
As they are not responsible for day to day, this will only be done once every two months when tax returns are prepared. It is in no way a “must have”, more of a “nice to have”.
In the future we may also outsource some of the day to day financial tasks to them also.

While we may consider syncing Syncro to Quick Books or Xero, we have no real need for them as Syncro seems to be capable of doing everything we need for now, and I, and my sanity :slight_smile: quite like the idea of having everything in one place. Additionally not everything may be synced from Syncro to QB or Xero, for example change history, notes etc.
In either case the accountants would still need to export or manually enter all the relevant info into their own accounting package prior to submission.

Hope the above makes sense.

Hey thanks for the detailed explanation. This helps.

Yeah you could easily move off Invoice Ninja and work far more efficiently out of Syncro exclusively, especially if you are billing monthly service contracts based on assets or employees.

In your case, it sounds like you are outsourcing every element of your accounting to a third party. We don’t see that too often on our end, but now I understand what you are after and why. So thanks again for the detailed explanation.

Similar setup for us. We use Quickbooks desktop, but our accountant needs time clock reports for payroll, sales tax, invoices, etc. She often has to access Syncro because the web connector regularly breaks or misses things. As a small shop, an extra $180/mo matters.

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I have a simple answer. My accountant needed my monthly sales tax report. If there is a way to automate that, I am all ears.

If 100% of what you are billing for your company is handled through Syncro directly, you can just schedule the Sales Tax report out of Syncro. But traditionally, you are pulling these reports from your accounting package, particularly because they will often have direction options to pay your state and record the check electronically (like QBO).

Just a thought.
Make the accountant a contact under your account. Allow them a portal login. Then allow remote login. $5/ month. Give them access to one of your office computers that has a Syncro user account.

I agree that there is a need for a more limited license for accountancy teams etc when they use a tool that is not a supported integration. Possibly something similar for a sales team. I would have thought the more use of the product that can be encouraged by Syncro the greater the tie in to you which would be a good thing.
As an example I am looking at the team plan as our next evolution but the addition cost for us (as a small MSP) when I add on the ltd users is preventing this.