Policy Inhereitance Issue

I have been having a problem with the policy inheritance. I have some devices for which I am getting tickets that they have Low Drive Space.

I have checked and double and triple checked, and neither my top level default policy that all assets get, nor the customer specific policy that was migrated over to the new system has that Low Drive Space monitor enabled, or even visible in the policies when I look at them on their own.

Is there somewhere else that that rule can be coming from? It is only happening for a few clients, and I would be surprised if there are not more clients with assets with low drive space, so I am not sure if there is a rule somewhere else that could be causing this.

Has anyone else had this issue?

It’s possible you had overrides on those assets specifically under the old system. Check in an affected asset record on the Monitoring tab and see what you have there. If it’s not anything relating to drive monitoring, and you are positive it’s not in the asset’s effective policy anywhere, please go ahead and open a support ticket and include the URL of the affected asset(s).

I just checked again, and the device itself shows the Drive Space monitoring under its Effective policy, but the 2 policies that apply to that device (My common policy, and the clients own policy) both have no mention of drive space monitoring .

So where could the policy be coming from? And is there a way now for me to overide it? Should I add the policy monitoring option but leave it unchecked?

That sounds odd. Disregard what I said about if that is the case. Can you please PM me a link to the affected asset and I’ll have a look.