Effective Policy not updating

I’ve changed a bunch of assets to a new policy that includes BitDefender but a bunch of machines are not getting the policy. When I look at the asset it says it’s assigned to the correct policy including AV but when I click on the effective policy AV isn’t included. I’ve tried removing the policy waiting and applying again and sometimes it will update but most of the time it won’t. I’ve rebooted and gave the asset over 24 hours to update. Anyone that can provide some additional help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jeff, try moving the asset to a different policy folder without BitDefender. Save, then move it back and save again. This should force a refresh. If it gives you further trouble let me know which asset you’re working on.

There are a few machines I’m having this issue with but CYDC-DT07 is an example. I have tried to move to a different policy and wait some time, like 10-15 min and add it back to the bitdefender policy but the effective policy is still not including AV.


Thanks! I created a test folder and assigned it the same policy, then moved DT07 over to it. The effective policy looks correct now. The issue appeared to be with the folder itself. If you want to rename the test, then move all the other assets to it- that will be the fastest workaround. I believe we have a case open on this so I’ll get you linked up.

I’m having the same issue. I created a new folder, move the asset and it still is not getting the policy. It’s stuck on the old policy.

I’d send a note to support and be sure to include the URL of the affected asset(s) so they can dig into it further.

Done! Thanks Andy


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