Bitdefender won't uninstall

I just submitted a ticket on this but I’m curious if anybody else is having this problem with Bitdefender.

I have decided to move away from Bitdefender and have opted to move ahead with Huntress and managed Windows Defender. To test the process first I am using my desktop PC. To uninstall Bitdefender I first started by going into Gravityzone, choosing my PC and doing an uninstall. I noticed when I went that route Bitdefender would reinstall itself within a few days. I realized I must have a policy issue so I moved my PC out of the policy that had Bitdefender and assigned it into a policy that has not AV configured. Then I uninstalled Bitdefender again through Gravityzone only to realize a day or two later Bitdefender had once again had been reinstalled. I decided then to uninstall Bitdefender from my PC directly going through the standard uninstall process. No luck, Bitdefender again was reinstalled on my PC in a day or two.

I finally realized I might not have my policies applied correctly to my folders underneath my Assets & Policies so I redesigned that setup for my company assets. I removed all folders from my Assets & Policies and only left one folder that has a policy set with no AV configured. I uninstalled Bitdefender again only to see it reinstalled the next day when I returned to the office.

Digging a little deeper I realized that the Bitdefender exe was still in C:\ProgramData\Syncro\bin, so I performed a hard delete on that exe and uninstalled Bitdefender once again. I was 100% confident I had solved this problem, but the next day I found out I was 100% wrong. Not only did I find that Bitdefender was reinstalled, I also found the Bitdefender exe was back in C:\ProgramData\Syncro\bin.

I have uninstalled Bitdefender on my desktop PC at least 6 times only to find every time that it is reinstalled within a day or two.

Has anybody experienced something like this and have any suggestion on what I might be able to do to get this resolved? I don’t have any thoughts on a next step.

Hi @scott13,

Do you mind providing me with that ticket number?

Definitely sounds like you have a policy issue still. I moved away from BD and it was very easy.

@canden.hicks - here you go.