Reinstalling BitDefender question

I’m a little confused on how this works. When I have a policy that includes BitDefender (BD), upon installation of the syncro agent, BD also gets installed.

Today (for the first time) I had an issue with BD on a machine, and had to uninstall and reinstall BD. So I uninstalled it, went to look for a script in the script library to install it, did not find one. So I went to the Asset page for that machine, went to actions and backgrounding tools etc, but there’s no option to reinstall BD. The Installed Apps was showing BD as installed even though I’d just uninstalled it. So then I went to BD gravityzone which admittedly I haven’t used much, and tried to find a downloadable client for that machine. However, under Network, Packages, all 20 or so of the clients all have the same contact name (the main Syncro contact for this customer), not the end-user in question. There is no date listed on the files so I have no idea which one to install. So I went to the last one in the list and installed that one, because I have no clue and this is not user friendly at all.

Did I do this right? Shouldn’t there be an option somewhere in Syncro to reinstall the Syncro-licensed BD?

Syncro will attempt to install managed AV during 2hr medium sync. To force it you’d either need to switch the asset to another policy and back, re-save the policy, or force a sync using Syncro Force Full Sync - The installed apps list only updates on the 6 hour full sync so that why you still saw it listed. In GZ the install is not user specific only customer specific, so did you fine with that. If you wanted to push with a script you could modify this pretty easily community-scripts/Win_Bitdefender_GravityZone_Install.ps1 at main · amidaware/community-scripts · GitHub


@isaacg is right. Our agent will attempt to reinstall Bitdefender in intervals as long as it is enabled in the policy.

There is also a copy of the installer that can be manually run that is stored in C:\ProgramData\Syncro\bin\

The file name will start with ‘setupdownloader’

This will be the same installer that our agent will run, so you can run that installer instead of waiting for the agent.

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