BitDefender GravityZone Portal

We currently have Bitdefender licensing through Syncro’s billing. We manage our BitDefender licenses through GravityZone. If we move our GravityZone and licensing to another reseller, how does that affect the ability to manage and script deployments through Sycnro? We have been told it should not affect any functionality but I wanted to confirm.

So if you don’t purchase your Syncro licenses from us, you won’t be able to deploy via policies, get alerts, report on it, etc.

We use it outside of Syncro’s billing. You can’t use some of Syncro’s built-in deployment, but we just have API deployment and it works great. All Bitdefender functionality is there no matter what reseller you choose.

Wait, are we supposed to be getting alerts? We used to get bitdefender alerts through Syncro but that was 1-2+ years ago, we don’t ever see any alerts on it not being installed properly or any issues with it whatsoever.