Deferred Patches Not Deferring

Hello, I recently noticed that the Deferred Patch Time Period is not working across most (all) our assets.
For example, here is one server with a policy set to run updates daily at 6:15PM and defer all patches 7 days. I look at the server and I see KB5023702 install last night. This patch was just released on Tuesday (2 days ago), so obviously it wasn’t deferred.
This is happening across many different clients and assets so I don’t think it’s a conflict with GPO, Intune, etc.
Anyone else seeing this feature work - or not?

KB5023702 installed

Update policy details

Effective Policy

This is because you aren’t actually deferring any of those patch categories, you have them set to approved in all cases. The deferment period will only apply if you have any given category or severity flagged to defer.

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Well duh! My mistake. Thank you!

No problem at all. Let me know if you run into any issues after you adjust your policies.