BitDefender Deployment

I am having an issue with the Mac agent not deploying BitDefender to certain assets. I added 9 Mac to a policy that includes Splashtop and BD. All of them installed Splashtop but only 4 also installed BD. The other 5 simply say “Bitdefender install pending” but never seem to install it. I’ve asked them to reboot but still nothing. I’ve asked and they seen nothing appear on their Macs. Any suggestions?

We ran into this too. It seems like the scripts to install BD generate a generic popup saying something is trying to run a script and requires the user to click ok or allow or something. If the user closes it the script doesn’t run and BD can’t deploy.

There could certainly be other things that factor in but that was the thing we saw seemed to be the issue

Of the ones where it did not install, are they all of a similar OS version? We have also seen anti-virus block it. If you want to gather up the asset names or URLs and send them in through a ticket we can take a look at what might be happening there.

@jordanritz Thanks for your reply. I asked one of the more tech savvy users and he said he can’t remember seeing a scripting prompt. But, maybe he just doesn’t remember…

@Alexandra Of the Macs that haven’t showed up yet, 1 is High Sierra and the rest are Monterey. I have other Monterey Macs that did work, so I don’t see a pattern. Most of these are brand new machines, so they wouldn’t have any other AV products installed. I guess I’ll submit a ticket to see if there’s anything that can be figured out.

The only time I saw this on one of our internal macs Syncro kept trying to run it until BD was installed so if it’s the same issue the user should be seeing the request multiple times a day. At client sites I can’t say if its only certain versions of OS, or if some users just click run because that’s how you make the prompt go away. But where we did see this this as an issue at clients we had users reporting the popup asking what it was.

Here’s another strange thing I noticed: if I look at the Managed Antivirus report in Syncro, all the missing assets are listed. They just aren’t showing up in GravityZone.

yeah thats just Bad UI. All that report shows is which assets are on policies that are supposed to deploy BitDefender, aka the assets Syncro is billing you for. It does not show you anything about if Bitdefender is installed, if Bitdefender is healthy etc

I typically just keep the GravityZone installer handy and manually install since it needs permissions anyway. Once fully installed it does show properly in the Asset at next report. We do a lot of counter installs for break fix so we just got in the habit of installing BD manually and giving permission right there. For remote customers, it’s only been taking 1-2 minutes for Splashtop to install automatically and another 1-2 minutes for Syncro to recognize the permission change. We then send the BD installer via ST and install with proper permission. Much faster than trying to walk many customers through the permissions.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I submitted a ticket a few weeks back and they escalated it to the Dev team, but I haven’t heard back yet. Strangely enough, all the missing assets now have BD installed. For some assets, it took over 2 weeks. I’m not sure if it happened by itself or the if the Dev team was working on it an forgot to let me know.

@garret I agree that that is the ideal way to do it. Unfortunately, all these Macs were already out in the field with WFH employees before we started rolling out our MSP package for the company. So, we can’t easily get access to them physically, and getting the users to set the permissions for ScreenConnect or Splashtop amounts to a similar problem. Oh well!