Policy Inheritance Migrations Taking Place This Week

Policy Inheritance was rolled out to all accounts last month, enabling an opt-in mechanic so users could determine when it was best to enable the feature for their business.

We’ll be removing the opt-in mechanic and migrating any remaining accounts throughout the week, beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, December 7th. Migrations will continue throughout the week, ending on Friday, December 10th, at which point all accounts will have fully migrated onto the new Policy Inheritance feature. Those accounts in question will be getting a second in-app notification when their migration has taken place. During the migration there will be a small window of time, between 5-10 minutes, in which policies will be uneditable.

is there an issue why i can edit a policy right now is they work happening

If your account is targeted for migration then you should have received an in-app notification alerting you as such. That will lock your policies from being edited during the migration, which typically lasts 5-10 minutes.

Every single one of our assets now has no policy assigned (we are getting the warning at the top of the page when on the asset).
They are members of folders that have their previous policy but don’t seem to be inheriting it.
Was this intended behaviour? It appears we will need to go to each client and click on each individual asset to get things back to the way they were.
EDIT: this appears to only be affecting assets that had a particular policy assigned prior to migration. Unfortunately these make up the majority of our assets.

This is definitely not normal, I would write into support with the specifics so they can dig into it.

I no longer have access to edit policies and most of our assets show unassigned or basic.

Is there a way to revert changes?

In case anyone runs into this, edit the policy, make a small change, save, undo the change, save again, and that has been fixing some of the bigger issues after the migration.

As of this morning, my account hasn’t been migrated yet as far as I can tell. My policies section looks and behaves the same as before. Wasn’t there a way I could push my account into it?

Since this was pushed to my account the Executive report has stopped working. All the information on there says n/a and says all assets are “unmanaged”

It’s in the process of happening as we speak.

This is the first report we’ve heard of this one in particular. Please open a ticket with support so they can dig into it further.

@Andy This could be part of the bug of needing to open the policy, making a change, and resaving?

It’s possible but we only have a few reports of that so far, and just this one report of issues with the report builders. So we are asking folks to write into support so we can have a look.

I tried updating the policy and saving and trying again and nothing changed. I did open a ticket but I cant be the only one using Ex reports and having this issue. I attached a screen shot.