500 Error when clicking "Show Effective Policy"

Is anyone seeing the dreaded 500 error on “Show Effective Policy” (from inside a client object, if that matters)

I am seeing it on a client that I have 5 or 6 folders for, nested no more than 3 levels deep, and it is consistently on some folders and not others, so it seems like a folder corruption rather than a transient system wide issue.

Open up the policy that’s producing the error, make a small change, and hit save. If you can’t figure out which one is doing it, update all of them. 500 error should go away.

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If you can’t get it to go away with Jimmie’s suggestion feel free to send us a ticket- or a chat through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the forums (if it’s available) and we can help further.

Generally, we resolve those through the dev team but sometimes they can be resolved by the user.

Well thanks Jimmy for the idea to go looking for errors. I stumbled upon the solution to another issue I have been having since policy inheritance which was phantom low disk space errors on devices that did not have low disk space monitoring on.

I also was able to solve the 500 error. I tried to do just what you said and open a policy, make a change, then save it. Only I was greeted with a red bar and an error message at the top. Turns out on a lot of my policies I at one time had 3 Windows Updates entries, then one of the policies must have been deleted, because on the policies that I had issues with, there were 2 WU entries, then a 3rd blank one (like a reference to a WU policy that no longer exists)

Once I went through each of my policies one by one and deleted that phantom WU entry, all was fixed. I guess Syncro is not validating the policies at all, because I had no idea that there was anything wrong with my policies except when I started seeing 500 errors.

Now a lot of the strange issues I have been seeing seem to be correcting themselves. About 200 of my devies have now applied a local admin policy that I added a few weeks back. I guess that could not happen as long as the policy was corrupted.

Word to the wise, if you are like me and still have a bunch of policies hanging around from pre inheritance, go throught hem one by one and just open them and save them. If there are any errors you will get a message across the top.

I also had some policies that had the reference for a sscript that did not exist, and some that had the CPU and RAM usage monitors, but no number in the value field.

We have development on this now to nip the root issue of whatever caused it. If anyone runs into this in their system, or Mark if you re-encounter it go ahead and email us at help@syncromsp.com and we’ll get you linked in on the case.

I found the root cause of the 500 errors in my case: my policies that were converted to Folder Inheritance contained errors: either a reference to a missing Windows Update policy, or a reference to monitor CPU and RAM usage, but with no values for the percentage.

I think it would be nice to somehow be alerted if there are fatal errors in policies that prevent the policy from being applied.

That’s kind of dumb you can delete a WU policy that’s tied to a policy. Seems like an oversight since validation exist in other areas and won’t let you delete if it’s attached somewhere.