Policy Folder Issue?

Just noticed something strange and I am not sure if it’s a feature or a bug. I have a client that I am just doing 365 migration for and nothing else. Just to make the transition go smoother, I put them in Syncro with no AV or features except Remote Access for the duration of the project. It’s one of the things I love about an unlimited RMM.

So I have a “Retired Device” policy where I put all retired devices, then I have a saved search, for which the criteria is “Policy Folder, Not Contain=Retired”.

That way I can easily filter to all my active devices. Well I noticed that the count of that saved search did not go up when these devices were added. Just to keep it simple, I just assigned these devices my top level “AYS Default” policy that all clients get no matter what.

Then each client has a client specific Policy folder (or a few different folders) nested under the AYS Deafult one.

So I started thinking maybe for some reason my “All Except Retired” saved search won’t pick up a folder name AYS Default for some reason. So I cloned the AYS Default policy, named it to the name of the client, and assigned it at the top level.

Still nothing. The only way I got those devices to appear in my “All Except Retired” saved search was to put the AYS Default policy back at the top level, nest a Client Specific policy (clone of AYS Default) underneath, and move all devices into that nested folder.

So does that mean that for some reason my saved search requires a nested folder and can’t pickup any devices that are just in a top level folder?

If I’m following you correctly, it’s working fine for me. My top level folder/policy is called ‘unmanaged’, if I move a device from a subfolder with another policy to the top level ‘unmanaged’ folder/policy, it disappears from a saved search for ‘policy folder not contains unmanaged’. Screenshots might help clarify if this is a bug or a misunderstanding.

I wonder if it is different because I onboarded these into my “AYS Default” (Top Level) policy and never moved them.

Whereas you moved a device that had already been onboarded back up to your top level. Either way I don’t see it as a huge deal, but I will see if I can re-create it, and see what happens if I now move those devices BACK to the top level.