QOL Feature Release

We’ve added an option to saved asset search criteria allowing you to filter for devices that have checked in over the past X days, instead of only being able to filter for those that haven’t checked in over the past X days.

When used in conjunction with our dynamic recurring billing system, you can now exclusively count active endpoints each month as part of your recurring invoice and have them billed accordingly, while excluding inactive or out-of-service endpoints.



One of my favorites, helps weed out defunct machines without a lot of fancy policy and filter work. Thanks!!!

Great feature! I would love to see the ability to exclude inactive devices when we bill based on a policy folder.

This is essentially what this is, you can set it to 30, 60, or whatever days you want and they will fall off of billing.

We can do billing based on counters of devices in a policy or a folder. I wonder if there is a good way to find inactive devices automatically and move them to a different folder whether through syncro directly or through the API?

I like leaving inactive devices on the customer account though, just in an inactive folder. Inline with billing if they fall off the billing, we also need a way to add back if they become active again.

If you use asset counter on the template, you can base it on an Asset Search and on the search, exclude assets that have not checked in x amount of days. This would allow for dynamic of assets falling off and coming back. You can’t, however, combine Policy folder and an Asset Search, which would probably give the most granularity. Edit Technically you can set the Policy folder up on the Asset Search itself, but this leaves more room for error and policy names must be consistent between customers.

This is a great one! Love it. I don’t bill dynamically but just having that option on my saved asset searches is great

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