Archiving Assets

A lot of us have asked about the ability to archive / retire assets for various reasons. Another reason I can add is that I use integrations with ITGlue and WarrantyMaster, and every asset I have in the Syncro system is synced with those systems. First to ITG, then to WarrantyMaster from ITG. Once an asset is retired, I don’t really need to see it in there, especially with WarrantyMaster because I have a certain amount of assets I can track warranties on with them, and don’t need to track assets I no longer manage. There needs to be some sort of way to segregate, and I am hoping that archiving them when that ability comes along is the way to go.

Does anyone else have issues with this and have found a way around it, other than just deleting the asset?


We have a Customer named “Retired Assets” we move assets to. We then apply a policy titled “Parking Lot” that does nothing (removes AV if applicable) and the only remaining action is to email if the asset comes back online for some reason. This might not work for you with the ITG integration… But it works here.

We have been using a custom Status field on Assets with a Date field attached.
Status: Active / Inactive / Retired with the date of the action.
It’s functional but you need to do extra work on Filters, Billing, and general Asset searches as they still show up in there.

We have also done an “Inactive” Policy which is also useful, but the items still tend to polute the list and show up on reports when we really only want them for historical purposes or in case they come back online.

We have started just deleting some since it’s not been as smooth as we’d like. Syncro should implement something similar to this but have the default searches not show “inactive/retired” assets OR customers OR contacts, etc. Same with any entity in there.

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Hi Mike,

Jeremy and Randy are correct, these are the workarounds we are aware of.

Here is a post in our feature request section that I see you’ve viewed. Please continue to add your suggestions and vote for the features you are interested in!

We continue to add but we continually don’t see anything happening. Have been asking for archiving assets for a few years now.