Don't Close Feature Request & Suggestions unless the feature has shipped

It’s pretty hard to follow the forum’s Read Me First when feature requests threads are auto-closed. Especially when they are auto-closed without any SyncroMSP feedback.

This (purposefully or not) sends the signal that these closed requests are not important enough to allow discussion to continue. It is the absolute wrong message to send.

Here are some highly trafficked and still very much needed requests that have been auto-closed. Many of these requests are for table-stakes functionality that is simply missing from SyncroMSP:

Ability To send invoices and statement emails from Second Different Address vs. Tickets

Support Integrated Automated ACH with Stripe, or someone else other than WorldPay

Login in with Google (G-Suite) and Microsoft (M365) and SAML

Allow Device archiving

RoadMaps, let us know whats on the way

Ticketing - Support email commands and a full email workflow

Can not search ticket comments

Ability to Merge Multiple Tickets at Once

Remove custom fields from RMM alert emails

Fix Ticket CC behavior from replace all CC recipients to Append to existing recipients

Software Inventory Report Detail

Please extend the auto-close for this category.


Love that I have a fan! :slight_smile: I wholeheartedly agree with everything on this list!

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Yeah. The Forum sucks.
No voting, autoclosing, hard to follow.
I gave up on it long ago.


Hi @randy,

Stay tuned as we will be rolling out our new portal. I’m hoping it will alleviate some of those issues.

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We recently migrated from NinjaRMM. Although there are stacks of things Syncro does better than Ninja, their roadmap feature was waaaaay better - for starters, it actually exists :slight_smile:

I just logged in again to see if I could tell what service they use for their road map stuff, it’s called It lets me see what others have suggested, how many votes it’s got, and whether it’s under review/development/not considered etc etc.

If Syncro could do something like that, rather than forum posts that auto-close (like you said, might be automated and not Syncro’s fault, but still the wrong impression), I reckon we would all be much happier!
EDIT: I somehow missed @canden.hicks 's comment. I look forward to seeing the changes, and can only hope it includes a roadmap of sorts… Still leaving my comment, because I spent a while writing it lol

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Don’t hold your breath on the roadmap. SyncroMSP as a company has taken a firm stand that there will not be a product roadmap for SyncroMSP. ¯\(ツ)

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I know the new support portal was implemented 7-22-2022, but I cannot seem to find the link to it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?