Outlook Calendar API Upgrade

If you have already configured the Outlook Calendar integration and are looking to move to the updated Authentication, start here.

If you are setting up the Outlook Calendar integration for the first time, skip to the First Time Setup below.

Note: If you are unsure if you have ever used the legacy Outlook Calendar integration, you can safely click on the left option and if you have previously configured it, you will be taken to a Settings page, which, from there you will see a prompt to upgrade. Otherwise, if you haven’t previously configured, you can hit the Back button in your browser to return to the main Calendar integration page and choose the option on the right side.

Migrating to the new Outlook Calendar Integration

Start by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the app to open the User drop down menu. Next, click the “My Calendars” option.

Next, you will be brought to a page that displays the Calendar integration options. Click on the left Office 365 option to be taken to the legacy Outlook Calendar settings.

Once in the Legacy calendar settings, click on the Office 365 icon at the top of the page. You will then be stepped through Microsoft Authentication. After the auth step, the page will refresh and you will be on the new integration.

Please Note: If you have an active Microsoft session in your browser, that session may be used to authenticate into login.microsoft.com for the calendar.

First Time Setup for Outlook Calendar integration

Start by heading to your User name in the upper right corner, then click the My Calendar selection.

Next, you will be brought to the Calendar integration screen. Choose the “Updated Office 365 Outlook” on the right side. The page will update and you will be asked to login through Microsoft’s Auth flow.

Once you authenticate, you will be brought to the Calendar Integration options page, and you can choose to enable 2 way sync if you want. The migration is now complete!