MSP360 Integration

I’ve been trying to get MSP360 to integrate with Syncro and having no luck. I’ve gone into MSP360, generated a new API 2.0 user and password, saved it, placed it into Syncro, but keep receiving “Uh oh! CloudBerry says: {“Message”=>“Authorization has been denied for this request.”}” each time I try and test the integration. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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The integration didn’t work for me at first. Try this:
In cloudberry, go to settings > General: Change Password. And change your password.

Then go to Syncro: More > App Center > Cloudberry

Click save again.

After this, I see a green button, “Status: Configured!” at the bottom.

I think cloudberry is preventing the connection until you change the default password. Hope this helps.

Unfortunately this did not work for me. I have tried adding my own API credentials in Cloudberry and generating credentials. Nothing seems to work. Even on the off-chance you meant change my Cloudberry password, I changed that as well.

This talks about requesting a token after setting up the credentials. I don’t remember doing that, but it’s been years since I set this up. I expect the Syncro integration probably does that for you, but worth a look. There is also a swagger interface there you can use to test the MSP360 API.

Hi @sconant

I see that you managed to resolve this by creating a support ticket and the solution was you generated new credentials.