New Features For July

We’ve released some new features for July!

Clickable Ticket View Metrics

This lets you drill down in Ticket Views to see more detailed information. Simply click on the metric in Ticket Views to see the tickets that contribute. For example, if your Ticket View has 5 Unassigned Tickets, you can now click directly on this number to see a filtered list of those 5 Unassigned Tickets. This feature is now active for the following metrics:

  • Unassigned Tickets
  • Unresolved Tickets
  • Due Soon
  • Stale Tickets
  • Breaching SLA Soon
  • Breached SLA

Enhanced Entra ID Sync

We’ve taken feedback and made a few key improvements:

  • Clear Empty Licenses: This new setting can be applied on a per tenant basis, allowing empty licenses to be cleared, ensuring that license counts remain accurate. This setting accommodates cases where users might want to keep licenses static for individual modifications.
  • Link Contacts to Devices: You can now link Entra-created contacts directly to devices, provided the client has the appropriate license (Entra P1, included in M365 Premium). This enhancement will support more accurate ticketing for our upcoming AI features.
  • Updated Naming: We have updated the integration’s name to Microsoft Entra ID Sync to stay in line with Microsoft’s branding changes

I’ve included a link to a post highlighting everything new we released today, and a link to signup for our webinar next week where we will deep dive this and other new features.