New Feature - Pinning Ticket Comments

We’ve just released the ability to pin tickets comments in our ticketing system! You can now pin one or more comments to the top of tickets to better highlight critical information for your technicians.

Please see the video below for more details.


This is great. Are you planning on automatically pinning the initial ticket description also? Or making that an option to turn on or off?

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Good feature. However …

Another new features that messes up and overlays over other UI content when the page is in single column window layout; cf Tag field. On iPhone. I’ll test Chromium tomorrow.

This is great. What would be really great is if we could search all past tickets for text to find solutions we used in the past. Right now we have to document elsewhere so it can be searched.

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No plans, though I agree the initial ticket comment shouldn’t be at the very bottom.

Happened across this on Windows today — so not just in Safari. The new pinned-comment UI layers over the text in the new comment textbox.

All the rest of the (original) ticket UI elements re-flow correctly. Just not the new pinned-comment UI and the Tags field does as we saw recently.

If you extend the width of that window full screen does it display properly?

This should be resolved now.

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Great stuff. I see that fixed now.

This is great. Would be great if we can pin Assets. For example have a server always on the top of the customers asset list

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Getting duplicate lines all of a sudden??

That’s odd. I’d reach out to support and please include that picture.

I find that happens when one first pins a comment. Once someone adds another comment, one green comment stays at the top (pinned) and one stays in chronological order.

I guess an optimisation would be to only show one copy until there’s another comment added, but not a biggie.

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