New alert "Your Role"

This morning I had a new red plus at the top of Syncro asking me what my role is so me experience can be customized. I spent a lot of time customizing my Syncro and I am not interested in changes without knowing what will change, so I canceled it. Now it is gone and has not returned.

I could not find any info or announcements regarding this. Can anyone explain what this does?

It doesn’t do anything. It’s just an in-app message asking what your role is at your MSP so we can gather more data and better understand the makeup of our users.

Given that there wasn’t an upfront notification that this would be happening, I find this data collection to be intrusive. (If there was notice, then perhaps I missed it.)
MSP owners who pay the $ for the user licenses from SyncroMSP should at least be forewarned that their staff (who are not SyncroMSP customers because they didn’t pay the $) might/would be asked these questions so that guidance could be given by the employers of the staff on how to answer.
At the very least this type of data collection should be opt in.
No vendor should take it upon themselves to ask my staff anything about their role without my formal permission.