Multiple Customer Permissions


Multiple Customer Permissions allows you to choose which customers specific employees have access to. This ensures that potentially sensitive client data is only accessible to those that need it.

Multiple Customer Permissions

  • Ability to restrict access to particular customer records or devices down to a per employee level.
  • Available for All Syncro Plans
  • Multiple Customer Permissions users are billed the same as regular users on your account.

Please note: When limiting your technicians to a subset of your customers, they will also have access to more limited Sycnro functionality. They will no longer be able to utilize:

  • Billing & Invoicing Modules
  • Chat
  • Calendar
  • Credentials
  • Documentation
  • Leads
  • Mailer
  • Policies
  • Script Creation (They are able to run scripts)

To get started, head to More > Admin > Security Groups

Security Groups

When editing a Security Group, the customer selector on this page allows you to choose which Customers are associated to the Security Group. Any User account attached to this Security Group will only have access to the Customer Records assigned in the Accessible section of this selector.

Creating a Customer-Specific Security Group

Start by clicking the New Group button. On the next page you will see two options:

  1. All Customers - This will create a Security Group scoped to all customers on the account
  2. Select Customers - This will create a Group where the User is restricted to only seeing data attached to the specific Customer records selected

Select Customers

If you choose the Select Customers option, a table will appear. You’ll use this table to search for specific Customer records to add to the Security Group. You can highlight and select multiple records to add more than a single Customer at a time to speed up selection. Press the Add button to place your selections to the Accessible group.

Visibility Based on Permission

Once you have selected the Customer Records for the Security Group, all that remains is choosing what areas of the application the User accounts will have access to. There are 32 options to choose from.

Keep in mind that within each of these sections, the User accounts will only be scoped to the specified Customer Records in the Security Group. For example, if given access to the Assets module, the tech would only see the Assets associated to the Customers selected in that Security Group.

Per Customer Assignment

A multi-select drop down has been added to the Customer Edit page called Security Groups. This drop down allows you to choose one or more Security Groups. This customer will be added to the accessibility permissions for that group, allowing any User in those groups to access this Customer Record. This process makes it quick and easy to add a new Customer to an existing Security Group.

I need the internal IT of a specific company to gain access to all the admin side of things relevant only to the client. For example I need to give them scripting creation permissions but this is VERY limited and I can’t give them global access to all the clients.

Any way to accomplish this? I can in other RMMs I worked with.