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Tech to single customer

I am planning on adding 4 more users but I need them to access only assets and details about a single customer. I do not want them to see any of the assets of other clients. How can I do that.

There are 2 options when you setup a user, you can scope them to all, or to a single client. The option is “Put in a Customer-Specific Security Group”. Just a warning, it’s only those two options, no way to select only certain customers beyond the 1 and I believe once you do that, you can’t upgrade that user to give full access again.

If you delete the security group of the single customer user, that will allow them to be assigned normal permission groups. Just note that it also affects any other techs who were using the same group.

Correct in that it’s only for a single customer, there’s no ‘customer groups’ or teams feature but I’d love to see that.