How to script installation of Splashtop for RMM (tech client)?

Does anyone have the right command to silently install the RMM client?

I am trying to automate workstation setup for our technicians as much as possible, and part of our SOE is to have the Splashtop for RMM client installed (you know, the one you get prompted to install every time you click on “Remote Access” for an asset in Syncro…).

If I download the installer from and run it from a script with no arguments, it presents an installation screen to the currently logged in user, then an error about the installer being invalid.

If I run it manually, it installs correctly.

I have tried running with /s for silent install, and the installer executes (I can see it in task manager), but nothing on screen, and nothing actually gets installed. I feel like there is another command switch required to tell it to actually install.

We use byo Splashtop and this cmd silently installs for us.

c:\temp\streamer.exe prevercheck /s /i dcode=<YOUR_SPLASHTOP_CODE>,confirm_d=0,hidewindow=1
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Thanks, I see that’s also the Splashtop recommended method for the business edition here.

I modified the command to remove the dcode since it doesn’t exist in the RMM client, but no dice. The command executes the installer, but then it exits with no message and no installation.

This is the command I am using to test:

Splashtop_RMM_Win_INSTALLER_v3.4.6.1.exe prevercheck /s /i confirm_d=0,hidewindow=1

I tried a couple of variations of the options but I can’t seem to it to actually install.

It’s not a major problem to install the RMM client manually, I just like to automate things where possible :slight_smile: