Do I have to be authorized reseller to sell Dell and HP Computers

Hello All,

Last week one of my clients got a cold call from Dell Marketing about signing up for IT managed services with them and was told that since my business is not authorized reseller I am not allowed to sell products. I sell Dell and HP laptops, Desktop PCs etc. all the time to my clients and all service tags/ serial numbers are all registered on vendor websites.

My distributor(s) are authorized partner and I am in their partner program. So what is the issue with this?

@DBlue . Thanks I am based in Brisbane. I would have thought that would be the case that I am buying from Auth distributor. May be the case of “Quick close that sale”. Anyway I am more than happy to sell only HP, if Dell has any issue.

Depending on the call as well - I wouldnt be surprise if it was from a scammer. They even get a hint of what device you have - they will jump on it and use it to trick people into anything.

If you are purchasing through an Authorized Distributor and you are allowed to purchase, then you are good. If you weren’t allowed to sell, then you wouldn’t be able to. I checked our Ingram account, and we can sell Dell even through we’re not a Dell Authorized Reseller. For all you know, that marketing call could have been a scam call center.

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