Delete Agent, does it remove Webroot

If I delete an agent from my dashboard, I know it should push out a remote uninstall, but does it remove Webroot if we have that integration active?

If it does not, am I being charged for a Webroot license if it the asset doesn’t have it applied? Where are the numbers from the Webroot licenses tallied from?

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I am pretty sure it does, but you can also check your webroot console. I know I had some lingering installs that kept Bitdefender from installing and I used an uninstall script that only worked in safe mode to finally get ahead of uninstalling webroot from those.

Here is my current safe mode boot script:

Here is the Webroot removal script I found that worked well for me:

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Not sure that it does. I’d suggest creating an offboarding policy with no AV, no monitors, no tray and setup scripts to remove splashtop or anything else you don’t want to leave on the system. Switch the asset to that for a while before you delete the asset from syncro.

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I do that now, I was just curious if it does if we forget to switch to that policy first.

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I used Webroot a couple of years ago.
After ditching it, I was still coming across Webroot software on machines almost a year later.
Admittedly I didn’t use a script, and it was another MSP (Kaseya).

Off topic: I couldn’t get used to Webroot working “back to front”, in that it would happily bypass malware so long as it wasn’t running. When a customer ran their own 3rd party scan, the machine lit up like a xmas tree. I got tired of defending it,… so au revoir.