Webroot install on Mac

Hi All. I have deployed Webroot using the new Mac Agent today to 3 machines. Webroot has installed… and thats it. Its been about 3 hours and they still state install pending. I cant see them in the webroot console either. They have all been rebooted. When I click Webroot in the Dock it bounces once and that does nothing till I reboot it. Then it does the same.

Any ideas?

Hi Mike! “Webroot installed” with the green icon means that Webroot got installed and that agent has communicated with the server.

“Webroot installed, matching to endpoint” with the yellow icon indicates that Webroot got installed but has not yet been able to communicate with the server so its agent is untethered. I do believe it will fully update between 0-6hrs, so give it a little more time first for the Agent to do its automatic sync.

It should still be monitoring and running properly independently of Syncro at this point- assuming the installation was successful.

If it persists longer than 6 hours, can you try adding an exception in the firewall? If you have any AV installed, this could also be preventing a successful connection.