Cyberfish/Cofense Protect Integration

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What it Does

Creates tickets when a phishing email is detected by Cyberfish in Syncro. Cyberfish is now called Cofense Protect.


Getting Started

The folks over at Cofense wrote a pretty comprehensive article to get going!
Integrating Cofense Protect with Syncro

We took the below steps from the article.


Step 1. Create a Mailbox in Syncro

The integration of Cofense Protect and Syncro requires you to create a mailbox in Syncro. Upon detection of a phishing email, Cofense Protect sends an email to this mailbox, which triggers the creation of a service ticket in Syncro.

To create a mailbox in Syncro:

  1. In Syncro, navigate to Admin > Emails - Mailboxes (inbound email).
  2. In the upper right, click New Mailbox.
  3. Complete the fields on the New Mailbox form.
  4. Click Automatically Create Tickets from emails to this mailbox dropdown > Only for existing Customers.
  5. Click Create Mailbox.
  6. By the new mailbox, click Activate.
  7. Follow the steps to activate the mailbox, detailed in Create Tickets automatically from inbound Email.

IMPORTANT: By default, Syncro emails customers upon ticket creation. To disable this setting, navigate to Admin > Tickets - Preferences, click Additional Settings, enable Tickets do not email initial issue by default, and click Save.


Step 2. Connect Cofense Protect to Syncro

To connect Cofense Protect to Syncro:

  1. In Cofense Protect, open Configuration > Integrations and click the Syncro tab.
  2. For Incoming Syncro Mailbox, type the email address of the newly created mailbox or the default Syncro email address (
  3. Map the company to the company's preferred email contact. This information enables Cofense Protect to create a ticket for the company whenever a phishing incident is detected.

    If you select None, Cofense Protect does not create a service ticket for the company.