Customize appointments content

Is there any way to customize what gets put into an appointment? We integrate appointments alongside other calendar systems and integration into my Office365 calendar works great.

I have a dedicated screen mounted to my wall that shows today’s appointments which is awesome. However, when the appointments are created, it shows [S] customer name then as much of the description of the appointment as fits on the screen. This means I have to drill down and figure out which ticket this appointment is referring to. The ticket number is burried in the no

If there were a way to have the appointment number appear right after the [S] and before the customer’s name, I could simply look at my calendar on the wall, open syncro and type that number to get to the ticket I need to be working on.


When you’re creating an appointment, the top line “Summary” is what gets stuck on the subject of the appointment, you could stick the ticket number there ahead of time. I don’t see a way of customizing the summary from a template perspective though.