How on earth can you not customize the Dashboard?

It appears you cannot customize the default dashboard, which I find ludicrous for a tool like this - all I need to be able to do is add widgets etc that link to the already created views. It’s difficult to separate teams if I cannot customize what the team see on the dashboard, and is pretty ineffective for the Service Desk.

Does anyone have any workarounds/solutions to this issue? Or has anyone else faced the same?


Exactly. This is a request I made 2 years ago. It’s nuts that you can’t at least move the already built in sections around to suit your needs better.

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Some customization will be possible whenever the dashboard part of the website gets revamped. I was shown mockups over a year ago so I’d assume it’s not too far off but who knows.

It seems people have already been waiting years for the change - I just thought it would be a quick one as the foundations are already there. Working from ticket views is a real pain; I just need a link to those views in a widget on the dashboard, so the team can be monitored from one screen. The current dashboard is useless.

I suppose we will have to wait, or move.

There is also I don’t know if it will do what you want or not, I haven’t played with it.

I just use Syncro for RMM so the dashboard for me is pretty useless in its current state!

It would be great to customise it showing -
Pie chart of AV installed
Pie chart of machines with updates
Poe chart of machines that need rebooting

I just can’t understand why this hasn’t been done? Having an option to choose what is shown?

There are some benefits to dashboards, but I largely find them unnecessary or useless visual fluff or not customizable enough, so Syncro isn’t alone in this. For your examples:

  • Pie chart of AV installed - This should be monitored and alerted for and not needed. Unfortunately Syncro fails at doing that also and even looking at individual devices sometimes its detection fails. For BD I have Monitor - Bitdefender -
  • Pie chart of machines with updates - This would definitely require customization to be useful, everyone has a different standard of what updates they consider important or manage at all, what about offline/stale machines, etc.
  • Pie chart of machines that need rebooting - Again this should not be needed. With proper scripting if the devices fails to reboot after x time period then it should either be forced or an alert created. Something else Syncro should have built in but doesn’t.

Thanks, how often do you run your BD script?

Daily. Pretty rare to get any alerts