Can you attach appointment to ticket?

Is there a way to assign a ticket to an existing appointment - i.e. where the appointment was created before the ticket?

Following up on this - is what I asked possible?

Hi @des,

This would be a feature request.

Appointments are linked to the customer the solution would be to make the appointment subject match the ticket and manually go to the tickets for that customer.

This flow does reinforce the idea that appointments are linked to tickets so the best strategy for quickly creating an appointment would be to use the Ticket Workflow feature to hide all fields except required ones.

Hi Des,

My apologies for the delayed response. To add to what Canden said, I have edited the article, where it explains the Select a ticket to schedule or re-schedule dropdown, to include this: “Note: If you do not select [an existing ticket], you cannot attach the appointment to a ticket later.”

As Canden mentioned, you can go to Feature Requests & Suggestions to request this feature.