Can we exclude certain notifications on all assets for common Software updates, like Microsoft Edge, for example

We receive many notifications everyday notifying us about common software updated on each asset, like Microsoft Edge, or Microsoft Teams. We would like to exclude these notifications, if possible. I do not see any support topics regarding this feature.

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Agreed. We like seeing what software is being updated in case something unexpected is installed or removed. The problem is that every little Chrome, Edge and Office update clutters up the alerts. Excluding software updates by name such as “Google Chrome” or “Microsoft Edge” or “WebView2” to exclude from the alerts which be extremely helpful.

Not currently possible, no. It’s been on my todo list to make a script for this. There is one in the library that kind of does this but it needs cleaning up and enhancing (custom exclusions, actually grabbing user context apps, etc).

This would be very cool.
ATM I have a filter that deletes the emails based on content in the subject.