Autotask Import Failure

We have tried twice to import Autotask data into Syncro and both times received this error: Failed: Unable to parse response body:

We tried to use our main login which we assumed would fail due to MFA. We then created an API user but received the same error.

Hi @rachel,

If you haven’t already done so can you create a ticket for this issue? I am looking into this at the moment and will follow up with my findings shortly.

Canden-- I just put the ticket in.

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I am running into the same issue. Seeing the same error message.

Tried with both an administrative use and an unrestricted API user account.

Hi @anon15710197,

If you haven’t done so can you submit a ticket? Support will need to look into this as well.

Support was never able to resolve this for us. We are having to manually export everything. We could import our customers, but the tickets will be something support has to do. We have to export all the tickets we want to a csv then submit them to support. And the CSV will have to be edited to match the format support needs. That’s the one major downside we’re having since we have a TON of tickets we’re wanting to move over.

New to Syncro. My first task is to import from Autotask and getting the same error. I’ve tried turning off MFA and SSO in Autotask and got same error. Tried creating API account in Autotask and same error. I opened a ticket at Syncro and waiting to hear back. If anyone knows solution that would be great.

Hi @chris21,

Welcome to the community! Can I have the ticket number? I will get that escalated with support.


Number: 105679

Please assist. I keep repeating the same thing and expecting different results. MFA and SSO are turned off in Autotask. No “optionally, require these fields when creating a customer” are selected in Syncro.
All I can do is enter my Autotask credentials. Syncro must have logs on your end to help troubleshoot “failed: unable to parse response body”.

We were never able to resolve even with support’s help. They just made us do a manual export of everything in Autotask then support will import. I have yet to move forward with that because it takes forever to export items from autotask.

Just had a thought of keeping one license active in Autotask so we can track our ticket history and just import customers/contacts into Syncro and start fresh but frustrated that this isn’t working as advertised.

Has anybody tried this lately? We are looking to migrate over from Autotask and I need customer history.