AutoPrintr (Legacy)

Note: This is for the legacy version called AutoPrintr. Please see our AutoPrinter article for how to upgrade to the new version.

AutoPrintr is a printing system designed and built by us to work with our software.

What it Does

  • Automates your printing tasks

What it Doesn't do

  • Does not work on Mac, Autoprintr is Windows based
  • Should only be installed once per location

Table of Contents


Download and Install AutoPrintr

You can download the latest LEGACY version of Autoprintr here: AutoPrintr 2.0.25 (Legacy version)

Note: AutoPrintr should be installed on one computer only. Installing on multiple machines will result in duplicate prints.

After downloading, Windows 10 users should follow these steps.

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Go to your Downloads folder.
  3. Right-click the setup_2.0.25 file and select Run as administrator.
  4. If it gives you any unsafe file warnings, ignore them and run it anyway. It is safe. :)

If you already had the service installed, you may need to stop it to install a newer version.

  1. Press Windows key+R on your keyboard. This should open the Run dialog.
  2. Type services.msc and press Enter.
  3. Click AutoPrinter in the list.
  4. Click Stop to its left.


Set Up AutoPrintr

  1. Once you run AutoPrintr, enter your Syncro login credentials.

  2. If the Login dialog does not pop up after installation,
    1. In the lower right, click ^ in the system tray.
    2. Right-click the AutoPrintr cloud icon.
    3. Click Login.

  3. After logging in we recommend checking the "Add to Startup" and "Run the Service" checkboxes so that AutoPrintr starts up when the OS logs in.
  4. In the Printers section, choose which printer gets which document type and how many.
  5. All done — now when you print in the Web App, jobs will auto print to the right place!

You are able to access the Logs and Jobs at any time by clicking ^ in the system tray, then right-clicking the AutoPrinter cloud icon.

Quick Troubleshooting tip

If you have just installed the service and it is not printing despite triggers being active, please restart the computer. This may sound silly, but this has worked for many Users as sometimes Windows requires a restart for a service to begin running.



Please note: AutoPrintr should be installed only once per location.

The first step in Troubleshooting is to make sure you are running the latest version of Autoprintr.

You can download the latest LEGACY version here: AutoPrintr 2.0.25


Common problems and fixes


Cash Drawer will not open

Please note the following screenshots work for the Epson TM-T88V but the same steps, in general, should work on any receipt printer.

Open up your Control Panel and navigate to Devices and Printers.

Right-click on your receipt printer and select "Printer Properties."

  1. In the pop-up window, click "Preferences."

  2. Then in the next pop-up window click the "Peripherals" tab at the top.

  3. Then make sure your Cash Drawer is set up properly like in the image below.

  4. Click "Operation Check" to ensure that your cash drawer opens at this time.

  5. Click "Apply."

Next, go back to the first "Printer Properties" pop-up window.

  1. Instead of clicking on "Preferences" like we did last time, click the "Advanced" tab.

  2. Move down and click "Printing Defaults."

  3. Click the "Peripherals" tab.

  4. And the "Cash Drawer" will be exactly the same as the first time we adjusted the cash drawer settings, shown here.

Please make sure that both of the cash drawer settings in both the "Preferences" area as well as the "Printing Defaults" area are the same.

Once that's all set up, Apply it all and then set up your printer in AutoPrintr if you haven't already and print a receipt.


The “Pop Drawer” button does not pop the cash drawer

If the drawer pops when you print a receipt but does not pop when you click on the “Pop Drawer” button on the POS tab, you will have to configure your register in Syncro as well as AutoPrintr.

To do this:

  1. Confirm that you are assigned to the proper Register in the software by navigating to "User Menu" (your email address in the far top-right corner) > Change Register and select the proper Register.
  2. Select the same Register in AutoPrintr underneath the receipt printer using the “Register” drop-down at the bottom, shown here:

  1. If you do not see your Register in that drop-down area, you may need to log out of AutoPrintr, close the program, and then re-start it by right-clicking on the icon and selecting “Run as Administrator”.
  2. Log in and check to make sure the Register is included in the drop-down menu.


Service keeps crashing/Eternal 'Please Wait' spinner

  1. Closeout of AutoPrintr by right-clicking the icon on the taskbar and selecting "Exit".
  2. Navigate to: C:\ProgramData\AutoPrintr and right-click on that folder, then select "Properties"
  3. Once the "Properties" window is open, click on Security > Edit > Users > Allow > Apply, as shown here:
  4. Reboot and test AutoPrintr


Receipts print extra length/keep spooling

AutoPrintr does not have any kind of print settings and uses the defaults that your printer has, and so for this, you will have to modify your printer driver settings. The following video goes over one way to do this at the 6-minute mark.


Labels print rotated/sized incorrectly

AutoPrintr uses your printer driver settings to adjust the size and orientation of the labels, so adjusting the settings will be the first step.

In Windows you can navigate to Control Panel > Devices and Printers to get to your printer, then right-click.

You may also want to try a complete re-installation of your printer driver if you cannot find the proper sizing/orientation settings.

Starting off with a clean installation of your printer driver and AutoPrintr will be the best way to begin troubleshooting as you'll be starting off with a clean slate.


Windows 10 blocking Autoprinter

Error "An administrator has blocked you from running this app. AutoPrintr.Service.exe"

This error is commonly seen on older unsigned versions of Autoprintr.

To fix this we recommend downloading the latest version of Autoprintr and doing a clean install, making sure to run the install application as an Administrator. You can find instructions on doing a clean install here

If you are still seeing this error after a clean install please have a look at this article on how to remove the block, by adding an exemption to the application in Windows 10.


Steps for clean re-install

If nothing you try is working, or your installation does not match these descriptions, please try the clean re-install steps below. Performing a clean re-install will wipe out your previous installations and install a brand new copy of AutoPrintr, which can help with troubleshooting any issues you may be having. It is important that you follow every single step as follows:

  1. Stop the service by opening up your start menu and typing "Services", then hitting Enter. You should see the Windows Services menu with a list of all of the services currently on Windows. Find the "AutoPrintr Service" option and right-click it, then select "Stop" from the list. If it is already stopped or you don't see the service, then you can continue on.

    Otherwise, make sure the service is stopped before continuing.
  2. Uninstall AutoPrintr via the Windows "Control Panel > Uninstall a Program" option. Find AutoPrintr in the list of installed programs and uninstall it as you normally would.
  3. Important: Remove any remaining files.
    1. Open up your start menu and type "run", then press Enter so the "Run" dialog box pops up.
    2. Type "%programdata%" (without the quotation marks) in the "Run" box and press Enter. A File Explorer window will open up with a list of folders.
    3. Find the "AutoPrintr" folder and delete it. If there is no "AutoPrintr" folder shown, then make sure you are searching this directory: C:\ProgramData. If you are in that directory and you still cannot find the AutoPrintr folder, then you can continue on.
  4. Important: Reboot your computer.
  5. Download the newest LEGACY version of AutoPrintr 2.0.25
  6. Run the installation file by navigating to where it downloaded, right-clicking and selecting "Run as Administrator".
  7. If you have a strict anti-virus or web filter, now is the time to create an exception for the AutoPrintr program, or you can temporarily turn it off. Create exceptions for two files named "AutoPrintr.exe" and "AutoPrintr.Service.exe", both usually found in: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\RepairShopr\AutoPrintr.
  8. Start AutoPrintr. Log in and test configuring your printers as well as printing from the software.


AutoPrintr no longer prints

It could be you need to make sure your firewall allows the ports and domains used by AutoPrintr.

AutoPrintr uses ports 80 and 443.

You can allowlist these domains as well.

  • The default websocket host:
  • Cluster specific websocket hosts that you may be using if you aren't on mt1:
  • The sockjs fallback host for when websockets aren't supported on the client:

And finally, optionally our stats collection endpoint. You can safely leave this blocked and ignore any related errors. It's also possible to block this entirely in pusher-js:

And for the server you will need:

Or, again if you are on a cluster other than mt1:

Also, make sure that the application has right security permissions to run using the below instructions.

Steps to change security permissions

  1. Close out of AutoPrintr by right-clicking the icon on the taskbar and selecting "Exit."
  2. Navigate to: C:\ProgramData\AutoPrintr and right-click that folder, then select "Properties."
  3. Once the "Properties" window is open, click Security > Edit > Users > Allow > Apply, as shown here:

After making those changes, reboot your computer and try printing again.


Reset your browser

There are times when, after trying every trick in the book, AutoPrintr still will not function. Resetting your browser to its default settings will sometimes work in those situations.