AutoPrinter Best Practices

Would like to start a discussion on AutoPrinter Best Practices.

Best machine to install AutoPrinter on.
Which Printers work best.
Problems encountered with AutoPrinter.

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We installed AutoPrinter on a 2016 Windows Server that has all the printers we use loaded.
The version is
The issue we have is when clicking on Settings we get a “Service Unavailable” notice saying “Printers cannot be loaded. The AutoPrinter service is not available. Please restart the service and try again.”

You can restart the service from the “About” menu within AutoPrinter. No Joy.
We tried stopping the AutoPrinter Service in “Services” and restarting it. No Joy.
We stopped and started the Print Spooler also.
We rebooted the Server and tried everything again. No Joy.

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I’m still trying to have the ticket print out correctly! Customer service kind of gave up and did the “yeeeaaaa, it’s a bit wonky, use the old one if you need it” haha. Slightly understandable, but perhaps we could be working on a beta test of the software to help diag and mature here ont he community!
By printing wrong, first it was too large, and the words were big and cut off the edges so you couldn’t read whole receipt. Then randomly tried it the other, months after NOT using autoprinter and just local printing, it seems something was change in backend, or my side unknown to me, and the size is correct but does the too long receipt thing were it prints a mile long ticket…

Star TSP 100 for printer

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The PSA side of SyncroMSP has a lot going for it, but there are weird rough edges, that don’t seem to get any attention, and greatly impact the ability of SyncroMSP PSA to meet the needs of our business. We keep trying to implement the PSA side, but run into problems that seem unfixable. At some point we are going to look at what works and what doesn’t and decide how we can make it work in our business.


Nice nice! What the issues? maybe we can work on some ideas here to help all of us out?!

Speaking of the PSA side, the SyncroMSP system save my a r s e the other day with a client withholding full pay lol. They said they’d pay up to XYZ, because the extra $XX seemed a bit high, like something extra charged, and turned out it was my auto rebill 10hr blocks when prepay hrs on acct counter goes below 3hrs lolol. So this client went full 180 on understanding and wants to ice 10hr blocks.

So I said "ok, I remove the last 10hr block auto invoiced, and actually you were billed up to only 1.5hrs remaining, and you just paid for all the past due blocks so we we’re good. Let me know when you have something for me to chip away at the prepaid 1.5hrs :wink: lolol. Thy didn’t like prepay all the sudden because they had an open ended project to figure out a STRANGE internet issue that ended up being a nightmare, but success and they could not comprehend the level of amazing it actual was lol.

SO THANK YOOOOOOOOU SYNCROMSP! Specially the dev or customer that thought to get this feature added already… lolol

P.S. SyncroMSP employee, I wouldn’t mind making this a video case study testimonial for you lol. Short yt/tiktok at minimum, saved my rear. :grin:

Very kind of you! I will pass that offer onward and upward :slight_smile:

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