Attachments Not Opening

I’m not sure if this is the correct spot to post this so please let me know.

We use to be able to click on an attachment and it would instantly open that attachment up in a new tab. Now when I click on the attachment it just opens the ticket again in a new tab. The work around for this is just clicking download on the attachment which opens it in the new tab but obviously this feels like a bug. Not sure if this has already been posted or not. I am using google chrome as my web browsers and the other techs are experiencing this issue as well.

Thank you!

I have noticed this as well. All techs in my office have the same issue.
I am using Brave browser.

I put a support ticket in … Clicking on the name of the file also works but it is super annoying. Not a work stoppage… just a grumbling.

Hey folks, we have a known issue posted for this item specifically. You can monitor the progress here:

The severity of this seems to have increased recently. The “Download” option from the three dots is gone. I have attachments on tickets and assets that I simply cannot access. When will this core functionality be fixed?

Edit: Seems to be for files with an “HTML” extension, such as the battery health report generated by Windows.