Asset Attachment - HTML not working

I have a script that generates a battery health html file using Windows powercfg report.

The html files uploads successfully to the asset page, but I can’t view (download) it.

It just launches a new tab and takes me back to the same asset page.

Is this a bug or is syncro blocking the launch of an html file in the attachment section ?

I wish I had an answer for you, however, just here to say that this has been an issue from day one for me, as well. Attaching a link to an asset has never worked for me. Wish it did because it would be very useful.

Hopefully someone from Sycro can jump in here, but it seems like your post is 11 days old and no one has, so there’s not much hope from this end. I was considering submitting a support ticket but it was never that critical. Maybe I will now.

We had the same experience with html. We just converted our reports to formatted text. Some have suggested changing the extension to .htm. Maybe even try.txt or an unused like .shb (Syncro has Bugs) :slight_smile: extension and associate that extension with your favorite HTML viewer.

Old thread, I know, but while experimenting this morning, I did find an interesting behavior/workaround: When there are three attachments or fewer on an asset, you can only interact with them from the main asset page, from which .htm/.html attachments, for whatever reason, only link back to the page you’re already on.

However, if you have at least four attachments, you will gain the option to “View All” attachments, and the modal that opens up from there will correctly link the same .htm/.html attachment and allow you to open it with no problem.

So after I posted this, Syncro support actually enabled HTML files on my account.

Per the tech, it is not a feature for mass deployment, due to security issues but it is possible on a per account / per need basis.

I wish I would have updated the forum post, sorry about that!

Oh, so I guess it was more an unintentional “exploit” than a workaround. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the update!