Asset turning up in wrong customer

Hi - new user here.
I have two customers set up (which I’ll call customer 1 and customer 2) and am trying to install Syncro agent via powershell script on a customer 2 PC. I’m getting the $url needed for the script through Customers > Customer 2 > +New > RMM Agent installer. It’s working, but the endpoint somehow ends up in customer 1 (which happens to be the first customer I created chronologically). I’ve checked the $url listed for each customer and I can see I used the correct one. What could be going wrong here?

Worked it out. In case anyone else falls into this trap, I thought the unique URL to the setup file served as the identifier for the customer, but then I spotted that it’s passed as a flag to the executable at runtime. I was reusing a PowerShell script from the other customer and not updating the customerid flag to that of the correct customer.